Lowestoft College 2

Students from Lowestoft College’s Boatbuilding department will be given the opportunity to work on a little piece of local history by helping to restore ‘Spray’,  the 16ft motor launch forever linked to the invention of the Hovercraft at Somerleyton, see pic top left.

‘Spray’ was used by Sir Christopher Cockerell for pressure profiling experiments that took place between origination of the Sidewall and Amphibious versions of what became the Hovercraft and is pictured above,  top left, on the River Waveney at Somerleyton circa 1954. It has been donated to Lowestoft College by Mr Douglas Rushmer and when completed, ‘Spray’ will be displayed in its new permanent home, the  Atrium of the Sir Christopher Cockerell Centre.

Under Course tutor Andy Barratt, students from the Boatbuilding Department will restore the historic craft during the course which teaches both traditional and modern techniques of boatbuilding. Some of the working areas are shown in the pictures above, students now have access to a new workshop, finishing bay, machine shop and a mould loft floor.

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