Our Son is Going to the University of Sheffield!

Yay! We’re so proud to say that Jack got into the University of Sheffield to study computer science through clearing. We’re over the moon, and he’s also very pleased to get that, after being turned down by Durham. We know that Sheffield has a great reputation as a student city, and so we know he’s going to have a wonderful few years there.

But now it’s time to prepare for University (the parents edition).

The Drive

So as you know for the moving in day, which I think for the University of Sheffield is roughly around the 15th of September, we are going to have a bit of an epic drive on our hands!

Luckily we will only have to do this a few times a year, but it’s still going to be one epic journey, as you can see by the Google Maps driving directions below!

The Accommodation

We did some Googling around student accommodation in Sheffield, and found a useful article by Stawberry Student Homes, who discussed that it’s better to go to halls in your 1st year, and then go into a student house in your later years. We agreed with this idea, as we felt it might be a bit safer to start off in an area with lots of people around in the centre of the city.

Sheffield Freshers Week

We have heard some exciting and worrying stories about Sheffield during freshers week, including lots of mentions of “massive parties” with much alcohol being consumed. Not that we also didn’t do those things when we were younger, but I think it is important to have “that chat” about being responsible and looking after yourselves.

If you’re worried about having the same sort of talk with your child, then checkout this useful video below:

I noticed there is plenty of information on the Sheffield student union page: https://su.sheffield.ac.uk/

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